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Market research that speaks with the most knowledgeable industry sources



The markets of the Mekong region are among the fastest growing and challenging in Asia. Market conditions shift rapidly, regulations change, competitors enter and exit the market, and reliable information is hard to find.

We help companies find opportunities, increase sales, and understand customers. We do so through intensive fieldwork, meeting with sources at all stages of the value chain to uncover market insights.

There is no substitute for getting into distribution channels to speak with importers, wholesalers, retailers, customers, and prospects to understand true market dynamics.

Studies are customized for each client’s needs, but research projects often cover:

  •  Market size estimates and historical trends

  •  Demand forecasts

  •  Competitor analysis and market share

  •  Detailed import / export data

  •  Distribution channel optimization

  •  Retail audits

  •  Product pricing and margins through distribution channels

  •  Macroeconomic trends and political risk assessments

  •  Partner identification and due diligence


Methodologies are tailored to client objectives. However, most projects combine extensive fieldwork, analysis of detailed trade data, and use of the Mekong Research Database to obtain market insights.


Most projects start with a review of our proprietary database containing nearly 20 years' historical data on key industry verticals and on over 4,500 local and foreign-invested companies in the region.


This institutional knowledge enables deeper understanding of market conditions and more accurate insights and forecasting.

Analysing Data


We uncover market insights through intensive fieldwork, meeting with sources at all stages of the value chain.

There is no substitute for diving into distribution channels to understand true market dynamics. This includes interviews with senior executives, operations managers, and purchasing managers.

We speak with customers and prospects to understand purchasing needs.

And we visit wholesalers, retailers and traders to understand “on the ground” market trends, competitive positioning and margins.

Going Over Plans

Trade Data

Review of detailed trade data over multiple years provides an initial indicator of market trends.

The data identifies trade volumes, product specifications, unit pricing and other information. The data provides an initial list of end-users and distributors to target during the fieldwork.

Analyzing the data
Business Development and Export Assistance

For companies requiring business development or marketing support in exporting its products to the region, Mekong Research has local and foreign staff that identify sales leads, meet with prospective customers, and provide follow-up marketing support.
As a marketing agent, Mekong Research builds upon research conducted for clients to:

  • Develop a database of sales prospects

  • Identify customer product requirements and purchasing habits

  • Meet with prospects to accelerate the sales process

  • Generate purchase orders

  • Execute sales by overseeing documentation, logistics and product delivery

Container Ship

"When clients come in search of industrial research we are pleased to recommend Mekong Research. Their detailed analysis provide clients with a breadth and depth of understanding that is second to none."


Richard Burrage

Managing Director

CIMIGO Market Research

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