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Through the company’s work on a wide range of industries and product categories, Mekong Research has developed a proprietary database containing nearly 20 years' historical data on key industry verticals. This institutional knowledge enables deeper understanding of market conditions, trends and forecasting.

Vietnam Dairy Industry

Project: Research the development of the dairy industry in Vietnam, future investment plans and equipment needs of major farm operators

Client: Government of New Zealand

Objectives: Identify opportunities for New Zealand exporters of agribusiness equipment and services

Output: Study identified current and future demand for specific types of agribusiness equipment, technology and services. Research determined demand for dairy processing equipment, dairy cows, breeding technologies, feed and other related products. Report analyzed import data to identify names of importers, the quantities and types of products imported, sources of supply and pricing. Fieldwork included interviews with major buyers and provided insights on future investment and purchasing plans by owners of Vietnam’s largest dairy farms, including Long Thanh Milk, Vinamilk, Hoang Anh Gia Lai, Dalat Milk and others.

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Construction Materials

Steel Demand in Cambodia

Project: Demand for flat-steel products and steel roofing trends in Cambodia

Client: Bluescope Steel

Objectives: Assess steel demand to determine whether to supply market via exports or to establish manufacturing facility in Cambodia

Output: Report provided detailed analysis of demand for intermediate and finished steel products, output at local roll-forming facilities, main roofing applications, and conversion from clay-based roofing applications to steel solutions. Fieldwork included interviews with local producers, distributors, retailers and construction firms. Study provided analysis of new housing starts, demand for pre-engineered buildings, and growth of overall construction market.

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Project: Petroleum Demand and Downstream Marketing in Vietnam

Client: Global petroleum supplier

Objectives: Provide comprehensive analysis of petroleum demand, forecasts, wholesale and retail environments, supply sources, margins, logistics.

Output: Studies have assessed petroleum demand by fuel type, demand forecasts, distribution partners, margins through the value chain, logistics, regulatory environment and other topics. Separately, Mekong Research has conducted political risk analysis and macroeconomic forecasts global petroleum suppliers.



Renewable Energy and Transport

Project: Private Placement Memorandum for Infrastructure Fund

Client: Indochina Capital

Objectives: Identify public and private-sector infrastructure projects across multiple markets, with focus on renewable energy and transport

Output: Research provided comprehensive analysis of infrastructure needs, development plans, and expected spending requirements in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

Study focused on opportunities to finance renewable energy projects in wind, micro-hydro, solar and waste-to-energy. The 170-page report included long-term government plans for infrastructure development, profiles of specific projects by sector, sources of financing, and status.

man and pannels
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Diagnostic Equipment

Project: Optical equipment

Client: Japanese supplier of medical devices

Objectives: Determine demand for optical equipment nationwide and at leading hospitals in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Output: Research identified quantities of optical equipment sold in Vietnam over five year period, main brand names and types of equipment purchased, reasons for purchase, future tenders, pricing, payments terms and other topics.

Study assessed competitive positioning of leading brands such as Nikon, Zeiss, Leica, Olympus. Fieldwork included interviews with relevant medical institutions such as Cho Ray Hospital, Pasteur Institute, People’s Hospital 115, Bach Mai Hospital.

Due to common practice of purchasing through distributors rather than direct from manufacturers, research identified key medical equipment distributors and sales practices by these entities.

Eye Exam
Cataract Surgery

“Mekong Research identified market opportunities and potential customers in Vietnam for New Zealand suppliers of agribusiness technologies. The research covered recent dairy-farm investments, market opportunities for breeding, agribusiness equipment and services, feed and nutrition. Mekong delivered a detailed report with data and recommendations that our participating companies found most useful.”


Tony Martin
Trade Commissioner and Consul General
New Zealand Consulate General

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